If you think the Master Trust of California is right for you here are the steps you will need to take in order to establish a Master Trust.

If the trust is to be established with the assets of an individual who is developmentally disabled, then a guardianship or conservatorship of the estate may need to be established to obtain court approval to establish the trust. In some cases the trust can be established through a litigation settlement or in estate probate proceedings without need of a formal guardianship or conservatorship.

If Court authorization is required, the Joinder Agreement will need to be submitted to the Master Trust of California Trust Committee for approval. You will also need to provide a copy of the petition, including all attachments, and a copy of the Court Order which authorizes the establishment of the trust. If a guardian or conservator is involved, you will also need to submit copies of the Court Order establishing the guardianship or conservatorship and the Letters of Guardianship or Letters of Conservatorship.

If this trust will be funded from the estate of the developmentally disabled person's parent(s) or other family member, a Joinder Agreement should be completed and signed by the proposed trustor and sent to the Master Trust of California for approval by the Trust Committee. If the trust is to be funded upon the death of the trustor, a “pour over provision” can be inserted into the trustor’s will or living trust, or by designating the disabled person’s Master Trust Agreement as beneficiary of the life insurance policy, annuity, or other beneficiary designated asset.

For any additional information you may contact:

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